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About Us

HotFlation was founded in Los Angeles in 2007 by two old friends who are passionate believers in the concept of “hotflation” (see our FAQ for more detail on the concept of “hotflation”).  The two simply felt that among the vast landscape of photo rating websites all around the Internet there did not exist a single photo rating or sharing community that addressed the important issue of where its users were hot (or not).  Sure, HotFlation would also do all those things the other photo and community sites were doing, but they believed that wasn’t enough.   Think about it - geography plays a HUGE role in our lives.  It usually determines where we go to school, where we work and who we marry.  Why shouldn’t it determine where we are considered attractive?  ‘Hotness’ to us is a relative concept, and taking geography into account gives us a much broader idea of who we label ‘hot’,’ and where that label is truly accurate.   So that’s why HotFlation is here, my friends - to answer the age-old question “Where are YOU hot?”     

Where are YOU Hot??

Most everyone can be considered hot in, say, barren parts of Alaska; the trick is to be considered hot in places like Miami or LA, where seemingly everyone is a budding model or actor.  We make it easy for you to find out where YOU are considered hot – first, just  submit your picture to us.  Be sure to make it a good photo, one that clearly identifies you.  Better yet – submit multiple photos of yourself just so you can get an even better, more reliable measure of your relative ‘hotness’ across the nation.  Add tags, descriptions and anything else you’d like to add to that photo (or photos) to make things even more interesting!  Next, voters from all over the world will rate your photo on a ‘hotness’ scale of 1-10.  We then take the data from all the voters (as explained in our FAQ section) to compile your HotFlation score.  The coolest thing?  You can see how voters in different parts of the country feel about you and learn where YOU are hot!  Get those plane tickets ready…

Your Personal Heatmap

Of course, a number alone only says so much about you.  That’s why we created a continuously updating Heatmap for each and every photo that is submitted to us – just so you can visualize exactly where you are considered ‘hot’!  Remember – red means ‘hot’ and blue means ‘cold,’ so the redder the Heatmap, the hotter the pic!  Submit your photo to us now and find out where YOU are considered hot — it is fast, easy, and of course, totally free!

Contact Us

Suggestions or comments?  Please feel free to email us at!